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Version 1.0

Welcome to the brand new Platform32 website, thanks for taking time out of your busy gaming schedule to stop by! Established in early September, you are here at the very beginning of P32, so we hope you'll be joining us for the crazy ride as we grow and expand both this website and the TV show. As you can see at the moment the site is a basic hub for all our content and social feeds, but as time goes by we intend build the site up in a bid to create a buzzing, exciting, interactive community. There are some massive plans in the works regarding the development of the site, the content we will be uploading and growth of team P32 and you will see all those announcements and changes here before anywhere else!

So whether you are a hard core gamer or just a casual button basher, in the near future you should find something on the site to keep you occupied, and if not then you can let me know your suggestions for content or changes by emailing me at

So have a poke around, check out the videos, then go out and spread the word of P32 to all your friend by sharing the url of this website with them, or inviting them to like, follow or subscribe to one of our many social networks.

Platform32 may be on the TV, but you can watch all our videos first, exclusively and unedited right here on our website! If you like your gaming news informative but with a cheeky twist make sure you stay tuned to P32! If you would like to comment on one of our videos, click the link below to enter a secret warp zone which takes you directly to our YouTube channel! Don't forget to subscribe!

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At the recent Eurogamer Expo event I got the chance to meet legendary game developer and father of Sonic the HedgeHog Yuji Naka. Not only did he give a great developer conference but he also signed two Eurogamer Expo brochures for me to give away to the viewers of P32!

For a chance to win just watch the P32 Yuji Naka feature and then answer the following question:

Which game developer has inspired Yuji Naka more than anyone else?

Send your answers to Closing date is Wednesday the 26th of January, winners will be announced on the 27th.

Good Luck!

More about the TV show

Platform32 is a new TV show solely focused on all things video games. Set up by Head of Production Ian Higton who has over 6 years’ worth of TV production experience and one years’ worth of experience producing video gaming TV shows.

Platform32 aims to provide unbiased, entertaining, and knowledgeable content which will appeal to gamers of all ages. Full to the brim with exclusive developer interviews, up to date gaming news, reviews and previews, plus the occasional celebrity interview - Platform32 should be your first stop if you love all things gaming related!

To see what Platform32 is all about, you can watch our gaming segments which feature on TV NEWS, a daily entertainment breakfast show on Freeview channel 90 from 06.00am - 08.00am. You can also view our previous shows on our YouTube channel